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Holiday Cruise Ship With Stopover Travel In Penang and Phuket Day 4

Holiday Cruise Ship With Stopover Travel Day 4

Singapore skyline

Today is already our last day on board our holiday cruise ship Super Star Virgo. If you have not tried cruising together with Star Cruise Line, you might like to try the Super Star Virgo. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself! Today, we managed to capture some beautiful heavenly pictures as well as ocean images.

Star Cruise Line

You could either choose to travel on a Star Cruise Line with stopover travel or just a weekend cruise to nowhere. Usually the weekend cruise to nowhere is filled with passengers who want to try their hand in the casino. The weekday cruises are the ones with the stopover travel. Currently Superstar Virgo operates from Singapore with stopovers in Penang Malaysia, Langkawi Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Malacca Malaysia and Port Klang Malaysia depending on which day and week you travel.

This morning, the fourth day on our holiday cruise ship, we had Chinese breakfast in The Pavilion. Comprising a set breakfast, we were treated to breakfast food of Chinese origin including pork congee with century egg and dim sum food. The dim sum included fried dishes such as deep fried oatmeal pastry, deep fried pineapple roll and deep fried Vietnamese spring roll. For the steamed dim sum, we had the lotus bun, shrimp dumpling and pork ribs with black bean sauce. It was a filling breakfast and definitely a change from the Western breakfasts that we have had so far.

Pork congee with century egg

Fried dim sum food

Steamed dim sum food

After breakfast, we went to watch the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration followed by the dragon beard candy making demonstration. The chefs who did the demonstrations were fantastic especially the one who did the fruit and vegetable carving. It is really a wonderful skill and talent to be able to carve fruits and vegetables into beautiful flowers, animals, etc…

Fruit and vegetable carving demonstration

Wonderful and artistic designs...

For the dragon beard candy making, you could see how the chef turned caramelized sugar into what looked like dragon’s beard with the use of all-purpose flour. This is eaten with freshly grated peanuts. Interesting demonstrations as always!

Starting with the caramelised sugar

Ending with dragon's beard

We had lunch in The Mediterranean Buffet Restaurant as there was more variety of food there and we basically had the sandwiches and desserts.

Bread section

Dessert section

We spent the afternoon lazing away enjoying the sea breeze on our balcony and capturing images of the ocean as well as taking some pictures which we thought were pretty heavenly, so much so that we forgot the time and missed the towel folding demonstration. What a pity!

Beautiful heavenly pictures

Ocean images

As we would be arriving in Singapore at approximately 1900 hrs, we could collect our travel documents after settling all outstanding bills between 1400 hrs – 1600 hrs. If you require any luggage assistance, you just need to lock your luggage and leave them outside your cabin door anytime between 1500 hrs – 1700 hrs and they will be handled accordingly.

Today was also the last opportunity to do your duty free shopping and purchase your photographs for a memorable cruise holiday on Super Star Virgo.

Since we would be disembarking when the ship reaches Singapore at approximately 1900 hrs, dinner was served starting from 1630 hrs. We decided to go to The Mediterranean Restaurant at about 1730 hrs but there was a long queue and we were recommended to go to Bella Vista Restaurant instead.


Cream of Roasted Garlic
Greek Salad

At Bella Vista Restaurant, there were still tables available and we had a wonderful set dinner there. There was a choice of 5 appetisers, 4 main courses and 4 desserts to choose from.

Main Choices:-

Braised Cabbage Roll
Tempura of Prawn, Calamari & Broccoli


Lemon lime sherbet
Chocolate ice cream

We arrived in Singapore just before 1900 hrs and disembarkation started soon after 1900 hrs. Going through immigration and customs was a breeze with no long queues.

Harbour pictures

We fully enjoyed ourselves on our holiday cruise ship Super Star Virgo, especially with the stopover travel as we had time to disembark and see a little of Phuket and Penang. At the same time, we were well fed with a wide range of foods and no worries about going hungry. In fact, the dim sum food for this morning’s breakfast was quite good. Also we were glad to be able to relax on the Star Cruise Line and snap some beautiful heavenly pictures and ocean images. For now it is home, sweet home.

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