Sunday, June 28, 2015

Holiday Gems in Kobe - Animal Kingdom

During a recent visit to Osaka, Japan, we discovered some holiday gems when we took a day trip to Kobe.  Among a few holiday gems that we discovered in Kobe, this was by far the highlight of our trip.  We are not only animal lovers but nature lovers too and this Kobe attraction Animal Kingdom definitely combines the best of both worlds.
One of Japan's Holiday Gems in Kobe

Admission prices for Animal Kingdom

If you are in Osaka, you could make day trips to various areas such as Kobe, Kyoto or Nara.  They are really interesting places and we shall cover some of the holiday gems found in those areas in another post.

Let's get back to Kobe!  We were deciding between the Nunobiki Herb Garden and the Animal Kingdom.  Hubby chose the latter and we had no regrets at all except that we did not spend enough time there as we also had Mt. Rokko as part of our itinerary for the day.

Inside Animal Kingdom

Some of the animal names - very educational

Just like most zoos, though this is not really a zoo, there are many live performances where you can view the handlers with the animals.  Some even allow you to interact with the animals such as feeding of the penguins.

For ¥100, you can also purchase food to feed the animals and this can be super rewarding especially when the animals feed direct from your hands or, in the case of the toucan, perch on your arms to take the food from the little cup that you will be holding.

Feeding the capybara

Feeding the toucan

Up close with the ducks

You can see many varieties and colours of ducks, owls, birds, etc... Awesomely interesting and educational too.  A wonderful place, not only for the young kids, but for the big kids like us too.

Pelican Lagoon


A staff looking after the joey

Majestic camel



Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Toco Toucan

Channel Billed Toucan

Milky Eagle Owl

Big Bill


Another reason we love to discover holiday gems and this is no exception!  At the Animal Kingdom,  numerous brightly coloured flowers greet you.  Truly a wonderful sight! The lily valley also has tons of varieties of lilies that you can see and identify from the names placed next to the flowers.




Lily Valley

Love the dual colour

Getting to Animal Kingdom from Osaka

What we did:-
Catch the Hankyu rapid train from Umeda to Sannomiya (approximately 30 mins)
Walk to the Port Liner station and take the Port Liner train to K Computer Mae station
Look out for direction to Animal Kingdom and you will find it located just as you get down the steps from the station building.

Port Liner stations

While traveling on the Port Liner, you can also get some great views of the Kobe port.

View from the Port Liner

Kobe Port

You can also get to Nunobiki Herb Garden from Sannomiya station, so you might want to visit both these Kobe attractions on the same day.

Colourful, beautiful flowers in Animal Kingdom Kobe... brightens up the day

Can't stop admiring the lovely plants

You can enjoy a meal in this beautiful surrounding

For ¥1500 admission fee for an adult, this is worth every cent and we will definitely want to visit the Animal Kingdom again amongst other holiday gems in Kobe.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally... Am Back...

It has been awhile since I last posted here on this blog.  Believe or not, I could not remember my login for a period of time.  That's how forgetful I've been.

And I have been really busy getting back to work as well as adopting my four-legged boy who has kept me fully occupied as well as given me hours of pure joy.

My boy with his girlfriend.  :)

Have finally remembered how to get into the site and will definitely be back with reviews of my recent trips to US, Israel as well as Japan.

Beautiful Great Lakes - Racine on the Lake
 Look forward to meeting all of you again.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Resort World Sentosa - Crockfords Tower

Two nights stay at the Crockfords Tower in Resort World Sentosa, also known as the Sentosa integrated resort on Sentosa Island Singapore.  WOW!

This all-suite hotel is a 'by-invitation' only hotel.

Was originally planning to spend 2 nights at the Festive Hotel, compliments of my brother-in-law.  However, he received a call to be upgraded to the Crockfords Tower.  Was a wonderful birthday present for me... LOL.

The bathroom was equipped with a personal steam room, a huge bath tub, a 'magic TV', Bvalgari amenities amidst classic marble flooring.

Face towels and a Bvlgari hand soap
Huge bath tub
Bath Menu

We decided to test out the bath menu and requested for the Romantic Moments - fragrant bath crystals with rose petals with lots of bubbles...

Romantic Moments
We found it amazing that the dresser mirror also acted as a television screen...

The dresser mirror which also acts as a TV screen...
The 'Magic TV'

Embroidered logo on bathrobe

Bvlgari amenities

Instructions for our personal steam room

Vanity counter

CD player

Laundry bag in a golden pouch
Bathrobes and bedroom slippers
Closet with the safe box

One seater sofa in the bedroom

The bedroom is elegantly outfitted in red and gold.  There is also a pillow menu where you can select pillows of choice for your comfort.

King bed
Living room with writing desk
Tea cups
Tea pot

Colourful vase

We had a great time and enjoyed the 24 hour butler service as well as the various amenities in Crockfords Tower, one of the Resort World Sentosa's hotel on Sentosa island.  Here, you can be assured of the best!